Forest Park Half Marathon (Portland, OR)

  1. altamontstreet says:

    Just logged the course for the inaugural Forest Park Half Marathon:

    This is a very beautiful and challenging route through Portland's Forest Park. The lines might be a bit sloppy but the distances are fairly accurate. If the calculations are correct, it packs in more than 4300' of climbing, ranging from 150' to 1030' in elevation.

    It begins at Lower Macleay Park / Balch Creek trailhead and climbs at a good rate along the Wildwood Trail for the first 5K, then descends rapidly to Leif Ericson Drive via the Wild Cherry Trail.

    The next 5K (West on Leif Ericson) is a fairly neutral stretch along a wide gravel & dirt road. The route then turns steeply uphill on Firelane #1 until it reconnects with the Wildwood. Turn left and follow the trail back to the southeast.

    Just after the 9-mile mark, head left on Dogwood uphill, then right on Wild Cherry after another 1/2 mile. When WIld Cherry reconnects with Wildwood, turn right and head back the way you started for the last 5K.

    Good luck and enjoy the ride! And watch out for slugs and salamanders...

  2. Jamfree says:

    I modified you route to 11 miles.
    Thanks, next time I'm in Portland I hope to run there.