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Acknowledgements and references
[Note that some of the links below have been around a while. Apologies for any linkrot.]
* First and foremost, Google, who made a great map site, and had the chutzpah to make it driven by client-site code and hackable. This is the sort of thing that make the Internet fun.
* Follower at myrealbox.com for Gmap Standalone, the embedding how-to, and other good tricks.
* How to calculate distance in miles from latitude and longitude
* Matt at gnik.com for Gmaps Mapper which helped with learning the XML format. There is also lots of other good general info at his Gmaps page, including excellent documentation of the route encoding algorithm.
* Jesse Ruderman et al for the painfully cool Javascript shell and bookmarklet. He has a whole bunch of other bookmarklets available too.
* All those nutty kids at the Google Maps Google Group. UPDATE: All the real action is now happening at the Google Maps API group.
* Supersonic thank-you buttslaps to TinyURL.
* The calorie counter formula came from Runner's World.
* This thread in alt.alegebra.help is a good resource for calculating a new point given a start point, distance, and direction.
* Geocoding provided by Mikel Maron's worldKit geocoder. Supersonic thank-you buttslaps.
* Josh Larios kindly provided us with gmap-pedometer.com support in his GMapToGPX bookmarklet.
* Elevation data provided by the USGS Elevation Query Web Service
* Big ups to the folks at http://www.backcountrymaps.com for letting me use their code to drive the topo implementation. Topo images created by USGS, distribution courtesy of (!) Microsoft, at http://www.terraserver-usa.com
* Data for OSM tiles, by, of course, the Open Street Map project. Hosting for the actual tiles by Cloudmade.
* Bookmarks, Workout Log, Forum, and the authentication system built on the Symfony framework.
* jQuery rocks the hooooouse.
* Colorbox helped with the modal effect on save on the main page.
* Calendar on the Workout Log thanks to the Fullcalendar jQuery plugin.
* Workout Log charts built using JQPlot jQuery plugin.