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Main Map Page Usage

Drag or double-click to move the map, use the slider to increase or decrease the zoom level, and click the "Map/Satellite/Hybrid/Topo/Terrain/OSM" buttons (top right) to switch the type of imagery. You can also use arrow keyes and the + and - keys to move or zoom the map.

If you want to jump to your city or town, enter a street address, or just city and country, or postal code, or latitude and longitude. Then choose your zoomlevel, and click "go".

When you're ready to start recording the distance you traveled, click the Start recording button.

Thereafter, every double-click will draw a point on the map, and the distance from your last point and your cumulative distance will both appear in the boxes above. Note that only a double-click will create a new point.

There is a radio button with three choices that will control how your route is drawn. You can switch back and forth between the following modes in the middle of a route.
- The automatically (for runners) choice will create a route that follows the streets on the map. The line will automatically go around corners and follow curves in the road.
- The automatically (for cyclists) option does the same thing, but also makes sure not to go the wrong way down a one-way street.
- The manually (straight lines) choice simply draws a straight line from the last point. This option is useful in cases where the route you want to run does not contain roads, such as hiking trails or parks.

If you make a mistake or change your mind, the Undo last point button will remove the last point drawn and revert your distances to what they were before you drew it.

If you want to start over, click the Clear points and start over link.

Saving Routes:

If you want to save your map, click the Save route link. If you are logged in, the route will automatically be saved with your bookmarked routes. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to decide whether you want to log in. Note that you CAN still save the route without creating an account if you wish.


Use the english/metric radio button beneath the distance boxes to choose your units.


If you want to view a graph showing the elevation of each poinit plotted against distance, click the small or large link next to the Elevation heading. The data is derived from radar topography taken during a space shuttle mission, and should be available for anywhere in the world.

Mile Markers:

By default, markers will be placed at the end of each mile or kilometer, and at the beginning or end of your course. Use the Turn off markers and Turn on markers links to toggle whether links are shown.

There and Back Routes:

If your course is a "there-and-back", click the Complete there and back route link once you reach the midpoint.

Calorie Counter:

If you wish to calculate how many calories you've burned in the course of your run, click the Turn on calorie counter link, and enter your weight in the Weight box.